Beowulf Résumé Assignment

You will create two technical documents for this task.
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The first is a functional résumé for Beowulf, highlighting his qualities. Use information from the text as well as your own imagination to complete the assignment. Use powerful adjectives and verbs when describing Beowulf’s experience and skills.

Beowulf’s résumé components:
  • Personal Data
  • Goal/Objective (What did he hope to accomplish with his life?)
  • Skills (Communication, Leadership, Specific)
  • Work Experience (think about the 3 battles we read about)
  • Training/Education (not necessarily formal; Where do you imagine he got his training? Are there any clues in the text?)
  • Other (awards, hobbies, gifts, etc. that Beowulf received in recognition of excellence)
  • References

Once you have created your résumé, you need to annotate it. On separate paper, find information that backs up what you include. For example, if you include “Killed Grendel”, find the lines where this is described, and write these lines on a notes page. Once you have created all your notes, go back through the résumé and create references to these notes. Use the Odysseus example to see how to annotate your entries.

Beowulf’s résumé and annotations page should be handwritten, yet neat and creative. Use the plan sheet before making your final copy! Be sure that your work is error free! Résumés should not contain any misspellings or grammatical errors.

The second document is a personal functional résumé. This assignment is an independent task. Fairly soon, you will be completing college scholarship applications. Many ask that you supply a résumé. It is also customary that you provide a copy of skills and achievements to people that you ask to write a recommendation for you.

Your personal résumé must be accurate, error-free, and typed. There are samples that you may use as a reference. Keep your final work to one page.

Your personal résumé is due Tues, Sept 28, 2010.